Say it slow, phonetically…

Not one guess on the mystery plant, too tough for you wimps?

Here was my picture

Who am I?

Who am I?

And here’s what I think the answer is

Lithophragma cymbalaria

Lithophragma cymbalaria

The Mission woodland-star is in the Saxifrage family, like the boykinia we found in Sisar creek last year, or the heuchera (coral bells) they sell in a native plant nursery (if we had one).  The distinct leaves match as well, if it isn’t this particular species it’s a very close cousin.  This one was on Fern Grotto, I saw a few more today in Cozy Dell canyon in the deep shade.

In Latin “saxifrage” literally means “stone-breaker”, as some species were used medicinally to break up kidney stones.  There’s even a Saxifrage Society.

In other bloom news… I’ve been calling this plant a clarkia in one form or another for the past three seasons:

Clarkia.... NOT

Clarkia…. NOT

Is anyone paying attention for heaven’s sake?  This is a clarkia like I’m a submarine commander.  This is a close cousin of our native bush mallow called checker bloom.  It is currently showing its stuff trailside in partly shady areas of Wills Canyon.  It stays low to the ground so keep your eyes open.

Finally thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and made it our best sale ever.  If you happened to miss it contact me and we can work something out.


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3 Responses to Ahdznendz

  1. doctorkdog says:

    Yeah, I thought Checker Bloom was a Clarkia or Godetia or something like that for a long time, too. Don’t worry. Your overall plant ID score (in my patented rating system) is still in the upper 90s based on the length of time you have lived here and other factors too complex for me to go into here. Okay. I made that up but you’re doing great. Thanks for sharing so much info!

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