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Bloom of the Month – May

New calendar is up… get out there before out valley turns into a simmering cauldron forcing us all to huddle inside with bags of frozen peas strapped to our extremities.

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Spring Bloom Roundup/Rambler B-Day Hootenanny

Yeah, I’m as excited as you are.  I’m not hiking today but I do plan on massacring an obscene slab of cake.

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Greetings from the Boroughs

I know… Friday and no Rambler is like a bagel with no sesame seeds, a pizza with no grease, a fried vegetarian (egads) dumpling;  there’s just something amiss.  What am I yammering about?  Just spent the week in the city … Continue reading

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EEK!! Don’t Touch That It’s…

Oh… nevermind… This week we examine a much maligned and oft confused native.  I guess we could file this one under “Everyday Flora” as well, though the blooms on these are long gone. The scientific name is a perfect description, … Continue reading

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Bloom of the Month – April

The new calendar is hot off the metaphorical presses and the usual suspects are looking to keep things lively through the month.  Lanny will be in Rose Valley, traipsing through the Sespe and hunting for butterflies with Michelle up Horn … Continue reading

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