Welcome Back to Chateau Rambler

Happy Father’s day to all the papas (including mine).

Don’t forget the Fox Canyon Trail ribbon cutting is tomorrow morning.  Loop is around 4 miles give it a shot.

I have been receiving desperate emails, tweets, texts, faxes, letters, postcards, telexes, morse code messages and smoke signals.  Everyone wants to know what’s been blooming in my garden this parched spring.  Take a breath, I wouldn’t leave you hanging… Enjoy the show.

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5 Responses to Welcome Back to Chateau Rambler

  1. lanny says:

    Nice! Stunning irises. I see your columbines are yellow. I collected some seed from our native red columbine but couldn’t get them to germinate. Do you know where I can get seed or plants for those?

    • ojairambler says:

      wait wait wait.. local native columbines??? where???? if I remember right these were hybrids purchased from Nopalito. Most died in Ojai heat, these were the last of them. I will save you the seed pods. They need most/full shade and plenty of supplemental water.

      • lanny says:

        Thanks, Ron, but I have some hybrids already growing in mostly shade. Pretty, but not like our red ones, Aquilegia formosa, AKA “Crimson Columbine.” They grow along streams and in moist places between 5000 and 9000 feet, mostly in pine woodlands. I’ve only seen them on the north side of Pine Mountain on Cedar Creek and other drainages like that. Please let me know if you hear of any available.

      • ojairambler says:

        ii am embarrassed to admit i have never hiked on a trail further north on 33 than potrero… i plan to remedy that next spring… which trail for columbines?

      • doctorkdog says:

        Trail to Cedar Creek Camp from Grade Valley Road is beautiful.

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