Sierra Finale – Rock Creek

OK just a little bit of advice to start out with.  For pete’s sake don’t ever go to Rock Creek in Tom’s Place California on a Saturday morning in August at 10am unless for some reason you enjoy hiking with 400 of your unclosest friends.  It was a metaphorical Grand Central Station with throngs of every age, size and shape climbing this narrow sub-alpine creek, clogging the lanes for poor souls like us who heaven forbid wanted to stop and check out some wildflowers.  Now that I’m done whining it was still beautiful, though a bit late in the season.  Most of the spectacular stuff had called it a year, but Elisa managed to tease out one final doozy of a metaphorical roll of film

Back to normal Rambling soon I promise.  Check the new calendar, Lanny is back and the Audubon Society is checking out condors and a day trip to the Channel Islands.

Clark's nutcrackers making a ruckus

Clark’s nutcrackers making a ruckus


Blue on some sulfur buckwheat


Hairstreak I think


More fireweed


Rock creek


Primrose monkeyflower

IMG_9082 IMG_9075 IMG_9072

Hiker's gentian

Hiker’s gentian

Late season lupine, I won't even venture a guess

Late season lupine, I won’t even venture a guess


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