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The Fantastic Mister Fox

Anything I could conceivably write about today would pale in comparison to the coolness of these photos.  Taken on OVLC’s new Fox Canyon Trail (of course) above Shelf Road.  Thanks to the intrepid Bardsley Smith for introducing us to Urocyon … Continue reading

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Kiss My Aster

Whine all you want how barren it is out on the trails and I will say you aren’t looking hard enough.  Maybe they’re not the jaw-dropping show-stoppers of May, but there is plenty to see in the notoriously late-blooming aster … Continue reading

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Addenda/Humble Apology

Within 2 minutes of hitting the trail yesterday morning I realized to my abject horror that I had left the most important winter resident off of yesterday’s feathered extravaganza. For the next 6 months if you hike anyway even remotely … Continue reading

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Fair Weather (Feathered) Friends

First of all, thank you all for making this year’s Fall native plant sale a huge success. Almost 150 plants, half a dozen new OVLC members and a boatload of fun meeting everyone.  Looking forward to the spring sale already. … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Guide for the Fall 2013 OVLC Native Plant Sale

For brevity’s sake we will refer to it henceforth as BGF2013OVLCNPS.  It is this Saturday morning from 9am-12pm. By reading this sentence you have legally forfeited your rights to skip it. But before we descend into native plant nirvana I … Continue reading

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