Kiss My Aster

Whine all you want how barren it is out on the trails and I will say you aren’t looking hard enough.  Maybe they’re not the jaw-dropping show-stoppers of May, but there is plenty to see in the notoriously late-blooming aster family.

If you need a review of the family I wrote about it last year.  Quick recap, Asteraceae is a weird family, with members having ray flowers (like a dandelion), disc flowers (like sagebrush) or both, like a daisy or sunflower.  We’ve got a bit of everything out there now, but most are discoid, the least glamorous but most ubiquitous.

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1 Response to Kiss My Aster

  1. walktx says:

    I didn’t know that goldenrod was a member of the aster family. Interesting. I always enjoy your blog.

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