Tule Time

Went for a hike with the Ramblette and the Lukester last Friday in what would normally be Tule Creek.  Unsurprisingly it is currently drier than Mars.  Some interesting background on the area, from the very cool “A Traveler’s Guide to California’s Scenic Highway 33”:

Just before the Tule Creek bridge, the highway crosses the Tule Creek Fault.  The rocks that occur on the upthrust on the south side of the fault are composed of Cozy Dell shale, which is relatively soft and often unstable.  On February 7 of 1998 during a period of heavy rains, the hillside tot he west of Highway 33 started to slide.  The slide continued for six days.

The massive slide buried a 100 foot section of Highway 33 under a mass of rocks and mud 15 feet deep.  Caltrans estimates that 2.7 million cubic yards of debris were removed.

Thanks to Elisa for the very cool pictures.  Will be in NYC next week, have a nice holiday, see y’all in December.

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One Response to Tule Time

  1. ocdreader says:

    I can’t wait to try that hike after we get some rain… 🙂

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