Buds, Berries and Botany in Brooklyn

First of all the new December calendar is up, all kinds of groovy activities for everyone from Little Mikey to Old Aunt Murgatroid.

My New York trip was lovely, thanks for asking.  The northeast was kind enough to greet us with a week straight of sub-40 degree weather, rain, wind and even some sleet.  Heck, it’s more interesting than what we get here so I didn’t complain.

On a slate grey Tuesday threatening rain Elisa and I hit Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  Nearly 600 acres and designed by the same men who built Central Park, Prospect Park was the site of the Battle of Long Island during the American Revolution.  This time of year most of the leaves have been shed, but fruits still abound if you’re willing to look closely.

Hopefully my buddy Cope can help us ID some of these mystery fruits and leaves.  Enjoy the park, back to California next week I promise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5 Responses to Buds, Berries and Botany in Brooklyn

  1. ocdreader says:

    Those pictures turned out pretty good. 🙂 Though dang, we need a bit more of a telephoto if we are going to try to do any more bird pics. lol

  2. cope says:

    So Ronnie, just going by gut feeling and no other info like growth habit, etc., but the first pic with purple/blk fruits in groups of 3 looks like Rhodotypos scandens, Black Jetbead. The one after the creep, with single red fruit in pic looks like a Euyonomous species, maybe Euyonomous fortunei, or wrintercreeper euyonomous. Was it vinelike do you recall? The one after that with red fruits and opposite leaves I am pretty sure is Lonicera maackii, or amur honeysuckle, but I would like to see whole plant to be sure sure. And the one before the magnolia is a dogwood of some kind, perhaps a cultivar. The fruits and terminal buds look somewhat like the flowering dogwood but neither are a perfect match, thats why I am thinking cultivar.
    Be rambling in SF soon buddy!

  3. john pavelko says:

    Ron…good info, thanks…johnp

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