Best of 2013

My favorite track of the year.  Besides being utterly gorgeous musically the lyrics include a brief discussion of heliotropism, freezing beaches of Santa Barbara and using the New York Times for kindling.  All good stuff.

Looking back at another year of Rambling thought I’d pick out some highlights.  Heck it’s easier than coming up with something original.


At first this was an easy win for our fantastic Mr. Fox (Thanks again to Bardsley Smith for the picture)

Gray fox on Fox Canyon trail in October

Gray fox on Fox Canyon trail in October

That is until yesterday (12/30) morning.  Just Luke and I, at the Ventura River Preserve, not 500 yards from the Oso parking lot, just before 10 am.  Returning to the car from a brisk walk I spot a coyote about 50 feet off in a clearing, not an uncommon sight.  He is crouched and watching us furtively, not nearly as skittish and shy as the normal coyotes we meet down here.  Hmmm… he’s not grey like a coyote… Ears look different too… And… He’s got spots… and… that’s a feline not a canine… Cripe!

Lynx rufus - Bobcat

Lynx rufus – Bobcat

Just didn’t think I’d see one so close to civilization, but from my googling it’s not that rare around here.

OK on to the other distinguished winners.

Native Bloom – Local

A tie

Owl's Clover

Owl’s Clover


Silver Bush Lupine


New Bloom –

Another tie:

Johnny Jump-ups

Johnny Jump-ups

Rock Cress

Rock Cress


Native Bloom – Garden 

How weird, another tie

"Cliff Schmidt" Ceanothus

“Cliff Schmidt” Ceanothus

Creeping barberry

Creeping barberry


Native Bloom – Non-Ojai

What can I say I’m a waffler

Scarlet fritillary - Lundy Lake

Scarlet fritillary – Lundy Lake

Giant Mountain Larkspur - Lundy Lake

Giant Mountain Larkspur – Lundy Lake


Non-native Bloom 



Favorite Insect Photo

Spider in the phlox

Spider in the phlox

Favorite New Trail

Well, the only new trail.. but it’s awesome

Fox Canyon trail

Fox Canyon trail

Best Photo from My Porch

Who doesn't love sunsets

Who doesn’t love sunsets

Local Bird 

I got them to respond to my calls, how do I not love them



New Bird

One last tie

Hooded merganser

Hooded merganser

Wilson's warbler

Wilson’s warbler


Most Popular Post

The Local Ceanothus guide, I feel smarter for just having assembled it.

Please revisit it and all of this year’s myriad musings.  Thanks for joining me, hope I can keep things churning in 2014.  Have a safe new year.


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2 Responses to Best of 2013

  1. says:

    Hey Ron, Thanks for the entertaining and enlightening blog posts this year. Beautiful bobcat photo. Congrats on the rare sighting, contrary to what you may have heard. Im guessing, judging by the greenery in the background, that you did not shoot that pic on the trail. But surprise me if you did! Happy New Year, Lanny

    Lanny Kaufer 805-646-6281

    In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

    • ojairambler says:

      Oh heck no, as usual thank you google images. Yeah the lush greenery was a dead giveaway. But thanks so much for reading and supporting… Happy new year to you and Rondia

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