About the sale,  it’s this Saturday 9-12 at the nursery on

Besant Road.  Around the corner from the Ranch House in Ojai.

Come by before or after visiting the Earth Day extravaganza around the corner at Oak Grove

Don’t forget that all these plants are grown from locally collected seeds and are on sale for a very reasonable

Eight dollars.  And if you decide to become a member you will get two plants for

Free.  And 5 free plants if you become a $100 sustaining member.

Going to have so many cool plants and literally dozens of

Hummingbird sage

Hummingbird sage

Hummingbird sages, always a crowd favorite and plenty of Rhamnus


Rhamnus ilicifolia – Redberry

Ilicifolia which is really rare in the nursery trade

Juncus mexicana is a really nice grass which I was able to grow from seed



Knees, wooly.  That’s the loose translation of Eriogonum, the genus of Buckwheat.  We’ve got those too

Laurel sumac makes a great hedge


Milkweed, Mugwort and maybe even a few Mimulus



Nightshade is blooming right now

Hooker's evening primrose

Hooker’s evening primrose

Oenothera is the genus for Hooker’s Evening primrose




Sages, I don’t have many.  Plenty of sagebrush though.

Thanks to everyone at OVLC, Marti, Tania, Rick, Brian for supporting the sale

Unfortunately, I only have a few

Venegasia- Canyon sunflower

Venegasia- Canyon sunflower

Venegasia, so get there quick

Watch out for the abundant

Xantii, Solanum that is, better known as Nightshade


Yuccas too, perfect for keeping canines off your front yard

California fuchsia

California fuchsia

Zauschneria used to be the genus for fuchsia, which I have sooo many of.  See you there!







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3 Responses to ABCs of OVLC

  1. john p says:

    Ron…I will definitely be there to help…trust me…johnp

  2. chuck says:

    Awesome job with the sale Elisa,
    Ron and Luke! Thanks for your energy, time and productivity in making the sale a successful event!

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