Sierra Serenade Part 2 – Lundy Canyon

I know, we did Lundy last year.  It deserves another visit.  Trail was virtually empty at 10am, we got the waterfall all to ourselves for a whole 20 minutes.  I think we saw at least 50 wildflower species, not counting flowering shrubs.

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4 Responses to Sierra Serenade Part 2 – Lundy Canyon

  1. June Juett says:

    Nothing to add; the plant photographs speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing this treat.
    As for Mono Lake – last time I was there, the tufas were showing. Was this a different part of the lake or are they really all covered up now? I know raising the level was a goal.

  2. ojairambler says:

    Tufas are there, it’s a big lake, we were at a non-tufa section

  3. David says:

    I think those are large-flowered Collomia and alpine lily, rather than Nuttall’s Linanthus and scarlet fritillary

    • ojairambler says:

      Looking at photos on google I think you are right. The Collomia is not such a bad gaffe, right family at least. How in the world did I call that fritillary (for two years in a row now). Thanks for the correction David, an incredibly stunning plant either way.

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