Calling All Acorns

I am a lazy person.


Always have been, always will be.  That doesn’t mean I can’t get many things accomplished.  I pace myself, and I know how to tactfully get other people to do things for me.

I’m calling on you again.  All eleven of you.  Well, at least the seven of the eleven who aren’t “wards of the state” as they say.


As you know OVLC is currently attempting to restore the Meadow Preserve to an oak wonderland.


Valley Oak

One crucial ingredient has been hard to come by, as the drought has put the hurt on our oaks the last few years.

coast live acorns

Coast live oak

Praise be, there seems to be a relative abundance this year.  We could use both coast live oak and valley oak acorns and I’m beseeching you to do my gatherin’.  No need to be gluttonous, don’t want to anger these guys.

jay acorn


But if you could fill a paper bag, a sunday bonnet or a paint can we would be much obliged.  You could drop it off at the nursery on Besant Road if you like.  If you would rather not deal with me, (a plight to which I could not be more sympathetic) then drop it off at OVLC on Old Baldwin Road.

Please don’t slip them through the mail slot.

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8 Responses to Calling All Acorns

  1. myrna says:

    well, we will certainly collect if we see them in our neighborhood … jim feeds the blue jays peanuts so perhaps they might gather less acorns … what about oak tree seedlings as the jays bury those in our garden and come next spring we should have some starts … or upstarts (whatever you choose to call them)!

    • ojairambler says:

      Transplants of oaks are tough. They can be transplanted to a new spot in the ground, but they don’t like going from ground to a pot (then eventually in the ground again). let me know when they start coming up and maybe I’ll experiment with some new transplanting regimens. thanks myrna!

      On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 5:46 PM, The Ojai Rambler wrote:


  2. Lisa Meeker says:

    Do you want black oak acorns? LIsa

  3. john pavelko says:

    Rambler…yes I will collect acorns for the OVLC…but I want pay back…a one hour guided plant walk with Luke at the Meadows…jp

  4. JJ says:

    I was thinking I will need to collect – for the acorn woodpeckers, squirrels and jays. My neighbor ‘laced’ seven Q. agrifolia a few weeks ago. ‘Laced’ is not in the arborists’ lexicon, but turns oaks bare with lions’ tails’ tufts at the ends of the branches.

    Back to the wildlife – I’ll share what I find with OVLC, but I’ll need the same deal as jp…

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