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About ojairambler

Who in the heck is the Rambler? Well the rambler, of course, is Luke the 4 year old Aussie Shepherd… but I’ll be doing most of the typing n talking. After 30 years in New York I moved to California with my wife Elisa (Ojai native), we’ve been here for almost 5 years now after a disconcerting year in the burbs of LA. When we got Luke it became rapidly apparent that occasional fetch in the yard was not going to suffice. So we started hiking the many great trails in and around Ojai. I’m the sort who wants to know everything in my environment so with the help of some knowledgeable locals I started to learn our local plants. There are plenty of decent websites and books out there for learning the local environs but I always wished for a semi regular forum to discuss and share what was in bloom, trail conditions, stories, pictures. I’ll probably be babbling to myself most of the times but please feel free to comment, send pics, ask questions, make fun of me. I’m far from an expert so I’d always love to learn more. Hope to keep the postings as regular as possible, reviewing the many trails in our area, talk about whats in bloom, and about all the many great resources around here to get involved and make sure the wild stays wild.

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  1. Judith Gustafson says:

    Hi, I have a photo for you of an unusual flower I found on Laguna Ridge today. I also have a specimen. The flower looks like a sage but the leaves look like rosemary! It’s a strange one. How do I get this to you? (I am an OVLC docent)

  2. Judith Gustafson says:

    Oh never mind, I have solved the mystery … it’s Woolly Blue Curls (Trichostema lanatum). I wonder if I could propagate it from the specimens I collected?

  3. ocdreader says:

    Wooly Blue Curls are so tough to propagate, seed or cuttings! If you make it work, please please share how you did it! 🙂

  4. Frank says:

    I haven’t had too much trouble propagating Wooly Blues. Springtime stems in Sunshine mix #3 under a shade house kept moist, and i’ve had about 60% success which isn’t too bad for a “difficult to propagate” species. Good luck!

  5. CNPS Plant HIKE TOMORROW–Sat. Sorry, for lateness of info (just got it), and the wrong venue for posting:

    Gibraltar Road Hike, Santa Barbara
    June 16, 2012 – Saturday
    9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    Duke McPherson (805) 705-9529 or treemanduke@cox.net

    The location is the upper western entrance to the Cold Springs Trail off of Gibraltar Road, Santa Barbara. It is an easy short walk filled with great natives right in the midst of outstanding slopes of chaparral.
    Although getting to the Gibraltar Road/ West Fork Cold Springs meeting place is a long drive, it will be well worth it. The location is a perfect site for examining our local mountain chaparral in its fire recovery mode. We will be addressing such special ecological questions such as:
    1. What are the special adaptive mechanisms which are in place in the plants found in a fire ecology regime.
    2. Are there differences in plant community configurations within the various soils found arising from the two geological formations being studied here.
    3. What plant community diversity and abundance will we find in north versus south facing exposures.
    3. What is meant by “fire following plants” and which ones will we encounter on the walk.
    4. Can we determine from the recovering plant community the distribution of specific plants in terms of sub-surface available water.

    The walk is not only centered on the woody fire cycle community of plants. There are plenty of special jewels to be found along the way.

    This will be an outing well worth the long drive to get there.

    Directions: Find Hwy. 192 on the map (from the south best to get off at Olive Mill Rd., go straight ahead on Old Coast Hwy and find the connection on the right to Sycamore Canyon Rd.—Hwy 192 a few blocks ahead (it is signed “Middle Rd”). Follow 192 for many miles, turn right on Mountain Drive at Sheffield Reservoir. Look for Gibraltar Rd. 1/4 mile ahead, go approx. 3 miles to the NO SHOOTING signs)

    From the north or in SB itself, take 192 to the east from Mission Canyon Rd., turn left onto Mountain Drive at the reservoir, look for Gibraltar Rd. 1/4 mile ahead, go approx. 3 miles and look for the NO SHOOTING signs.

    This is a difficult place to find: please bring a map!

  6. Darcy says:

    Our interests are similar to those of the person posting/owning this site – but still not sure who you are! My husband is from NY, and we sort of stumbled on Ojai not knowing what a fabulous place for hikes, walks, plants, birds it was – the on-line hype seemed to be about the arcade! We did go on several of Lanny’s herb walks and enjoyed them. We’re headed back to Ojai for the fall and look forward to joining some of these activities! Thanks for all the great links, too! ~Darcy

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