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27 degrees at the Potrero John trailhead at 9am New Year’s Day.  I have never really experienced ice in or around Ojai unless it was melting in my bourbon.  Sun is low so these are a tad washed out but … Continue reading

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Rambler Reruns

I believe that after 230ish posts I have the right to occasionally rest on my laurels (but not laurel sumacs) and post some pics from the good old (flowerful) days.  In honor of my host on my recent trip to … Continue reading

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Mutual Mastication

Some of you may have noticed the change of scenery in the so-called orange grove at the Ventura River Preserve.  If you haven’t you probably need glasses.  Big changes are afoot and I’ve gone straight to the source to get … Continue reading

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Prickly Pear Preparation Primer

I have a friend in town from New York and he usually joins me on my morning travels through our magical valley.  He has little interest in plant identification, all he wants to know is, “what can I eat”.

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OVLC Fall Plant Sale & Hootenanny

While we do aim for a festive atmosphere, I cannot guarantee that an honest-to-goodness hootenanny will break out.  What I can guarantee is that we will have the following plants for sale (while supplies last), in addition to the ever-popular … Continue reading

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Ad Aster Per Aspera

I’m a bit of a crossword fanatic, been doing them about every day since I was 15.  One of the more hackneyed clues I used to come across (now thankfully edited into oblivion by the venerable Will Shortz), is “Fall … Continue reading

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A is for Acorn

Believe it or not it’s acorn collecting time again Collecting as many as we can for restoration projects Drought has seriously hampered acorn production in California Exudation is the sticky substance you find on damaged acorns.  Leave them be. Find … Continue reading

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