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A is for Acorn

Believe it or not it’s acorn collecting time again Collecting as many as we can for restoration projects Drought has seriously hampered acorn production in California Exudation is the sticky substance you find on damaged acorns.  Leave them be. Find … Continue reading

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The Ojai Fruit Calender

Dropped by the Friends Packing House on Highway 33 last week, and they have one of those handy calendars that shows what is ripe for every month of they year.  Here’s the California native version to get your fresh fruit … Continue reading

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Desire Under the Oaks

One of the more frequent questions I get in my capacity as local plant nerd is what can I plant underneath my oak trees. Planting under oaks is tricky for a number of reasons.  First, they are large and evergreen, … Continue reading

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Fowl Weather Friends

The Ojai Meadow Preserve is a veritable cornucopia of ecological systems, one of the most popular and dramatic being the wetlands.  Storm runoff which used to pour down the hills and flood Highway 33 is now caught in a nearly … Continue reading

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Fall Fliers

Last Saturday, local avian stud Jesse Grantham led a herd of bird nerds on a lap around the Ojai Meadow Preserve.  The fall migration season is picking up steam and the group espied 35 species.  Some highlights to astound and … Continue reading

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The Birds of Summer

The spring migrants are long gone and this year’s batch of fledglings are fighting for survival.  There seem to be three birds which accompany me on every hike.  Bold, beautiful and never bashful these three are the soundtrack for my … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Lich This

Before I get to the main event had a nice find for the bird nerds out there.  In my oaks among a flock of bushtits was this handsome devil: Supposedly a pretty good find for around here. As I was … Continue reading

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