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Try to Contain Yourself

Three, count ’em three events on the calendar for this final weekend of spring.  Two for the home gardeners and one for the explorers.  One right here in Ojai, one right off the 101 in Ventura, one traipsing the hills … Continue reading

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Creatures Great and Greater

Check out this weekend’s event calendar, some late and somewhat great additions.  David Torfeh will be leading a California Native Plant Society hike up the Mishe Mokwa trail in Newbury Park, identifying the plants and birds of the Santa Monica … Continue reading

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May Gray Repartee

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of hearing from all these men.  Local femme extraordinaire Heidi Anderson was kind enough to take some time between picking thorns out of bear paws, running off poachers and spelunking the depths … Continue reading

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Everyday Flora part deux

This month’s humble hero is no lumbering giant like last month’s Laurel Sumac.  In fact for a good 4 months a year this is a disheveled tangle of near dead looking twigs, only to be awaken by fall’s first rains.  … Continue reading

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Take Flight

The events calendar for this weekend is downright intimidating.  The expected flogging from mother nature should hold off until Sunday so no excuses!  There is something for everyone whether you want to clean up a trail, remove some nasty non-native … Continue reading

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Get your hands dirty

Please check the calendar for events for this weekend.  I’m going to play favorites and recommend an OVLC related project.  Michelle will be leading a crew to prepare a site for our very own butterfly garden.  Here are the details … Continue reading

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Lanny the Cat & The Butterfly Smorgasbord

Thanks to the incomparable Lanny Kaufer of Herb Walk fame for identifying yesterday’s mystery plant: Good ole Gopher Weed.  Even more impressive considering my awful picture.  Named supposedly for its ability to fend off hungry gophers, though there is little … Continue reading

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