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Fowl Weather Friends

The Ojai Meadow Preserve is a veritable cornucopia of ecological systems, one of the most popular and dramatic being the wetlands.  Storm runoff which used to pour down the hills and flood Highway 33 is now caught in a nearly … Continue reading

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Sightseeing with Sarah

Sarah gets paid to wander around in the wild identifying rare plants and counting birds and bugs and tortoises.  I know, right?  These are from her June trip to Holcomb Valley Road near Big Bear.  The Holcomb Valley was the … Continue reading

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The Birds of Summer

The spring migrants are long gone and this year’s batch of fledglings are fighting for survival.  There seem to be three birds which accompany me on every hike.  Bold, beautiful and never bashful these three are the soundtrack for my … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

First some odds and ends: I recently discovered a great weather blog which give a very in depth but accessible look at the factors affecting Southern California weather.  I’ve been getting sick of the NOAA site and daily predictions for … Continue reading

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Murietta Morning

Elisa and crew did a loop up Murietta and down the fire road down in Matilija Canyon.  Last month’s rains are finally starting to pay dividends (in a botanical sense) and the camera caught the action.  Thanks Elisa for the … Continue reading

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Best of 2013

My favorite track of the year.  Besides being utterly gorgeous musically the lyrics include a brief discussion of heliotropism, freezing beaches of Santa Barbara and using the New York Times for kindling.  All good stuff. Looking back at another year … Continue reading

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The Unmitigated Gall!

On my hike up Kennedy Ridge this morning  the most colorful thing I saw by a longshot: Some folks call them oak apples.  Us science types call them galls.  What is a gall and why do they look so tasty. … Continue reading

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