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Scourge of the Season

Last year it was those pesky Russians Just when they looked ready to take over our serene valley my call to arms rang out.  You, my army of 11 brave souls took it upon yourselves to confront this menace.  This … Continue reading

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Know Your Non-Natives

You’ve been reading along for over three years now, so you are obviously all well-versed in the ways of our local California native flora.  But walk down any trail this time of year and lo and behold at ground level … Continue reading

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The Russians are Coming

First of all, don’t panic.  I will need your full attention so please close all other browsers windows. I am here to get you through this, all is not lost.  But the danger is real, and no, I am not … Continue reading

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Buds, Berries and Botany in Brooklyn

First of all the new December calendar is up, all kinds of groovy activities for everyone from Little Mikey to Old Aunt Murgatroid. My New York trip was lovely, thanks for asking.  The northeast was kind enough to greet us … Continue reading

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Know Thine Enemies

Before I elaborate on the ominous title I have the great pleasure to announce that next Saturday OVLC will be hosting its first ever Earth Day native plant sale at our nursery.  The sale is in conjunction with the Earth … Continue reading

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Holly Leave me Cheery

Is it too early in the morning for a groan-inducing native plant pun?  I apologize, just thought it was a knee-slapping way to introduce today’s interview victim…er… subject. Brian Holly is a hardcore Ojai local, OVLC board member, biologist at … Continue reading

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All You Need is Cluff

OK I know it’s a tad cheesy, but if you don’t at least smile as you watch this video you may very well be an android… like straight out of Blade Runner, programmed so well that you don’t even realize … Continue reading

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