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July In the Sierras Part II – Lundy Canyon

Once again I believe Lundy deserves a post all its own.  There is no more spectacular wildflower show in the region, if there is, please don’t be shy, would love a new hike for next year.  Some of these are with … Continue reading

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July In The Eastern Sierras Part I

Despite lava-like mud flows across I-14 trying to keep us from getting back home we made it last night in one piece, and even got to enjoy a late afternoon thunderstorm.  Two batches of pictures for you, the first is … Continue reading

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Not-So-Local Natives

Lately there has been a clamoring for a new feature on the Rambler. OK it’s not quite a clamoring, more like a persistent murmur. Or I may just be having those auditory hallucinations again from inhaling too much Perlite.  Either … Continue reading

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Sightseeing with Sarah

Sarah gets paid to wander around in the wild identifying rare plants and counting birds and bugs and tortoises.  I know, right?  These are from her June trip to Holcomb Valley Road near Big Bear.  The Holcomb Valley was the … Continue reading

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Sierra Serenade Part 2 – Lundy Canyon

I know, we did Lundy last year.  It deserves another visit.  Trail was virtually empty at 10am, we got the waterfall all to ourselves for a whole 20 minutes.  I think we saw at least 50 wildflower species, not counting … Continue reading

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Sierra Serenade Day 1- Parker Lake

It’s that time of year again.  As I type this it has been raining for three straight hours, and we watched lightning start a fire maybe a mile from the back porch.  Don’t fret, we got off the trail just … Continue reading

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Buds, Berries and Botany in Brooklyn

First of all the new December calendar is up, all kinds of groovy activities for everyone from Little Mikey to Old Aunt Murgatroid. My New York trip was lovely, thanks for asking.  The northeast was kind enough to greet us … Continue reading

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