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A Berry Easy Quiz

Let’s not get into semantics.  These are not all berries, they are all fruits however.  I couldn’t think of a clever title with the word “fruit”.  Come to think of it, I didn’t come up with a very clever rhyme … Continue reading

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The Russians are Coming

First of all, don’t panic.  I will need your full attention so please close all other browsers windows. I am here to get you through this, all is not lost.  But the danger is real, and no, I am not … Continue reading

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Back to School Unlike my recent rewatching of the cheesy 80’s Rodney Dangerfield (yes that’s Robert Downey Jr., Burt Young from Rocky and the dork from Christine) movie, this was enjoyable and rewarding.  I was back in Mr. Lepine’s Environmental Field Studies … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Lich This

Before I get to the main event had a nice find for the bird nerds out there.  In my oaks among a flock of bushtits was this handsome devil: Supposedly a pretty good find for around here. As I was … Continue reading

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Best of 2013

My favorite track of the year.  Besides being utterly gorgeous musically the lyrics include a brief discussion of heliotropism, freezing beaches of Santa Barbara and using the New York Times for kindling.  All good stuff. Looking back at another year … Continue reading

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The Rambler Jinx

As yet another storm system somehow passes to the north, east, south and west of Ventura County, I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible.  Since I started this fount of floral fun back in January 2012 the Meiner’s Oaks area … Continue reading

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Buds, Berries and Botany in Brooklyn

First of all the new December calendar is up, all kinds of groovy activities for everyone from Little Mikey to Old Aunt Murgatroid. My New York trip was lovely, thanks for asking.  The northeast was kind enough to greet us … Continue reading

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