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Scourge of the Season

Last year it was those pesky Russians Just when they looked ready to take over our serene valley my call to arms rang out.  You, my army of 11 brave souls took it upon yourselves to confront this menace.  This … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a White Ceanothus

Stand anywhere in the Ojai Valley and look up and to your north or west.  Well, not anywhere, this won’t work from your guest bathroom, I mean outside.  Notice the white patchwork covering our beloved hillsides?  Now get thee to … Continue reading

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A Berry Easy Quiz

Let’s not get into semantics.  These are not all berries, they are all fruits however.  I couldn’t think of a clever title with the word “fruit”.  Come to think of it, I didn’t come up with a very clever rhyme … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

First some odds and ends: I recently discovered a great weather blog which give a very in depth but accessible look at the factors affecting Southern California weather.  I’ve been getting sick of the NOAA site and daily predictions for … Continue reading

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Currently Cooking in my Pots

The calendar for the month of February is up and bursting with outdoorsy goodness. As the big D continues to turn the screws on us reducing our landscape to 50 shades of brown I am striving to keep your minds … Continue reading

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Let’s Germinate

I don’t know why I chose to link to this song, just struck me as I was typing the title. The lyrics may have lewd connotations, or it may just be a brief discussion of elementary geometry.  The song is … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Lich This

Before I get to the main event had a nice find for the bird nerds out there.  In my oaks among a flock of bushtits was this handsome devil: Supposedly a pretty good find for around here. As I was … Continue reading

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