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The Ojai Fruit Calender

Dropped by the Friends Packing House on Highway 33 last week, and they have one of those handy calendars that shows what is ripe for every month of they year.  Here’s the California native version to get your fresh fruit … Continue reading

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Fair Weather (Feathered) Friends

First of all, thank you all for making this year’s Fall native plant sale a huge success. Almost 150 plants, half a dozen new OVLC members and a boatload of fun meeting everyone.  Looking forward to the spring sale already. … Continue reading

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Addenda, Ephemera & Miscellany

Before you become so deeply engrossed in my musings that you plunge into a state of catatonia, awakening in a puddle of drool and Earl Grey tea sometime Saturday afternoon, have a gander at this weekend’s event calendar.

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Fire on the Mountain

I’d been putting off this piece for months, waiting for a fire season that never (thankfully) came.  Well what better way to celebrate a chilly fall day than to talk about fire. Fire of course is a very natural and … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Another in a 37 part series whereby I try to edify myself and my loyal readers about the rarefied world of local native botany.  I find that having a better grasp on the terminology makes identification easier and more rewarding.  … Continue reading

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Bird Song

I’ve been trying to sneak Jerry & the Boys into a post for months… It’s a bit of a shoehorn but I guess I’m still giddy from Sunday night’s Furthur show. On to Ojai’s bird songs… Summer is finally over, … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun(flowers)

OK I know I’ve been slacking a bit the last month or two.  Summer has made me lethargic and doughy.  But the sun’s infernal grasp is slackening and I’m clawing my way back to the lectern and we’re going to … Continue reading

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