Events Calendar

May 3 – 

Ventura Audubon Society – Hedrick Ranch 8am

Ojai Forest Service – Work day, site to be determined 8:30

CNPS – Dry Lakes Ridge with David Magney

May 4 – 

Ventura Audubon Society – Wheeler Gorge Campground 8am (Conejo Audubon)

May 6 – 

Ventura Audubon Society – Foster Park with Adele Fergusson 8:30am

May 10-

OVLC – Bird walk on OMP with Allen Bertke.  Slideshow night before.

Herb Walks – Wheeler Gorge Nature Trail 11:30-1

May 17 – 

Ojai Forest Service – Tar Creek cleanup

May 18 –

Herb Walks – Horn Canyon medicinal walk with Lanny 9-12:30

May 24 –

Ventura Audubon Society – Arroyo Verde Park 8am

May 31 – 

Ventura Audubon Society – Beginner bird walk – Canada Larga Rd. with Allen Bertke 8:30

Naturalist-for-You – Bilingual hike Santa Clara River 10am








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