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Dreaming of a White Ceanothus

Stand anywhere in the Ojai Valley and look up and to your north or west.  Well, not anywhere, this won’t work from your guest bathroom, I mean outside.  Notice the white patchwork covering our beloved hillsides?  Now get thee to … Continue reading

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Nordhoff Peek

For the second year in a row I have the pleasure of working with Greg Lepine’s Environmental Fields Studies class at Nordhoff High School.  We’ve been learning all about plants and propagation and they’ve been busily trying to grow plants … Continue reading

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The Hardly Definitive Guide to the VRP Trail System Part 1

I’m not going to mince words here, or try to shoehorn a 68 point Scrabble word, the Ventura River Preserve is awesome.  I am a wee bit biased;  I live within 0.75, 1.5 and 2.25 miles from the three trailheads … Continue reading

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Ode to Stumpy

Sorry about the deafening silence lately.  Poor Luke tore his ACL last week and I’m just not in a Rambling state of mind.  The rain was awesome and I plan to start dragging the camera out on weekly wanders and … Continue reading

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Addenda, Ephemera & Miscellany

Before you become so deeply engrossed in my musings that you plunge into a state of catatonia, awakening in a puddle of drool and Earl Grey tea sometime Saturday afternoon, have a gander at this weekend’s event calendar.

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The Somewhat Definitive Guide to Local Ceanothus

What better way to start off your day than with a dose of oxymoron.  For years the identification of our local ceanothus (no it’s not ceanothuses or ceanothi) has driven me literally batty.  Queries to local experts were of limited … Continue reading

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Bloom of the Month for February

I spent the weekend tabulating votes and write-in ballots sent from Guam, Siberia and Hackensack.  A minor hanging chad incident and some accusations of ballot box intimidation and we finally have a winner.  The envelope please…. Take a bow ceanothus.  … Continue reading

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