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Elisa Conquers the Ridge

So much good stuff on the calendar this weekend, something for everyone.  As part of their “Wild about Ojai” series OVLC presents an Introductory Wildlife Tracking walk at the Old Baldwin trail head with the Channel Islands Tracking Club.  The … Continue reading

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It’s a Family Affair vol 2, Gimme a Pea

I challenge you to find a local plant family that has such diverse local representation as the peas.  From common scrubby weeds to beautiful small trees, common ornamentals and roadside scourges, pea family members are inescapable.

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Bloom of the Month – March

Pretty much everything I noticed in bloom this month was blooming in February already so I was having trouble picking a winner that really reached its peak in March.  Well just because there wasn’t much competition doesn’t make this month’s … Continue reading

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After the Storm

Well that was fairly interesting no?  Who doesn’t love doesn’t love a little graupel with their corned beef and cabbage.  I was far too busy with college basketball, laundry and crossword puzzles to hit the trails so Elisa took one … Continue reading

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9 Reasons Why Drought Ain’t So Bad

Gee I picked a heck of a year to start writing about wildflowers… Some fun facts to get you warmed up.  Wettest Ojai rain season on record, 47.3 inches in 1978.  Driest, 7.32 inches in 1972.  This year, around 5 … Continue reading

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