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Garden Bloom of the Month – December

Way back in early 2012 (currently wrapping up my third year if you can believe it), I started this blog anticipating a flood of pictures from reader’s gardens and hikes.  These would feed the Rambler App, where you could hunt … Continue reading

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Man oh Manzanita

In honor of my first manzanita blooms of the season (thanks John Dourley) you get to see all 18 of my manzanita species.  You read that correctly, 18, I know I have a problem, the first step is admitting it. … Continue reading

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Bloom of the Month – January

And the winner is…. Manzanita!  I wanted to start off with a pithy poem in honor of one of my favorite shrubs but I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with manzanita besides pita, cheetah and Rosarita.  Anyway, lets learn … Continue reading

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