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OVLC Spring 2015 Native Plant Sale

Amazing I made it to April without a single plugola for the big sale.  We are one week away and I just wanted to give you a preview so you could make you shopping lists and come prepared.

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Workday on the Preserve

Last week we had a planting day with Mr. Lepine’s Environmental Field Studies class from Nordhoff and Janis Duncan’s 3rd and 4th graders from Meiners Oaks Elementary.  The Big Brother/Sisters and their energetic pint-sized partners worked together to add some additional … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Guide for the Fall 2013 OVLC Native Plant Sale

For brevity’s sake we will refer to it henceforth as BGF2013OVLCNPS.  It is this Saturday morning from 9am-12pm. By reading this sentence you have legally forfeited your rights to skip it. But before we descend into native plant nirvana I … Continue reading

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Bloom of the Month – August

New calendar is out… And now for something completely different: Let’s be honest there’s not exactly a plethora of choices this time of year.  That however should not detract from this month’s winner; boasting beauty brawn and style to spare, … Continue reading

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Now Blooming on a Trail near you

It’s late summer.  It hasn’t rained since April, and probably won’t for another two months.  Nothing can possibly bloom in this oppressive cauldron some call Ojai.  I’m just gonna stay in the air conditioning and watch MASH reruns… gee that … Continue reading

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