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Dog Day Flower Blooms

Boohoohoo August stinks Mr. Rambler…. It’s so hot and sticky and there’s nothing blooming out there…and Al Pacino and Fredo took me hostage…and.. and… ATTICA!!! ATTICA!!!! Get a hold of yourself, deep breaths.  There are plenty of flowers out there, you … Continue reading

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Desire Under the Oaks

One of the more frequent questions I get in my capacity as local plant nerd is what can I plant underneath my oak trees. Planting under oaks is tricky for a number of reasons.  First, they are large and evergreen, … Continue reading

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

Lots of business on this dreary yet gloriously wet Friday morning.  First is the December calendar, rife with activities and hijinks for the whole family including Great Aunt Murgatroid and the Wee Baby Seamus.  Some highlights include the Audubon Christmas … Continue reading

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I Don’t Mind, The Weather’s Fine

Well that was quite nice.  Not exactly a torrent but we’ll take it.  Mrs. Rambleinna went out Sunday morning to the Old Baldwin trail to see how everything was enjoying the first bath in 8 months, hope you enjoy.  Have … Continue reading

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