A is for Acorn

Believe it or not it’s acorn collecting time again


Collecting as many as we can for restoration projects

Drought has seriously hampered acorn production in California

Exudation is the sticky substance you find on damaged acorns.  Leave them be.


Find an oak with grass underneath for a soft landing and better chance of survival.

Green acorns should be left on the tree to ripen a bit more.


Hoping to gather 2-3 thousand acorns, which will be directly planted on the OMP

If the acorn is cracked, damaged or has a hole in it don’t bother


Jays can collect and hide up to 5,000 acorns in a season.

jay acorn

Kids make great helpers, less bending over for us old folks

Lobata is the species for Valley oak, whose acorns are far larger than the Coast Live’s


Most oaks are bereft of acorns this year, making your help crucial

Never pull an acorn off an oak, a gentle twist should be enough

Oaks are homes to literally hundreds of animal species


Please store them in paper or plastic bags, indoors, out of the sun

Quercus is oak’s genus.  Means oak tree in Latin, duh.


Remove the caps from the acorns please


Stratification of the cold variety in a refrigerator helps germination

Tap roots on oak trees can grow 2 feet before foliage even starts


Usually oaks are trimmed up and hard to reach so find them in the wild

Ventura River Preserve is a good place to look

Where to find Valley oaks?  Downtown Ojai, Libbey Park, Arbolada


Xeriscaping is your friend, we live in a desert ya know?

Yellow acorns are OK to pick off a tree, just before they drop

Ziploc storage, open a bit, with some moist peat or sand.  Drop it off at the sale 10/17.

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3 Responses to A is for Acorn

  1. JJ says:

    A neat and tidy reminder….
    Thank you, Rambler, for making me smile this morning.

  2. Hi Rambler, just wanting some further details on the sale on 10/17. What sale is it? Address, time, location… Also, are you only looking for Valley Oak acorns? Thanks.

    • ojairambler says:

      Hi Lisa thanks for reading! I will be doing a blog post previous to the sale, but since you asked it is Saturday October 17th from 9-12 at the nursery, which is on Besant Road in Ojai around the corner from the Ranch House Restaurant. Most plants are 8 bucks and all proceeds go towards the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy to help protect and preserve your local wild lands. As for the acorns I can use both Valley and Coast Live, as long as they are happy and healthy. Hope to see you on the 17th.

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